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Beit Midrash Torani Leumi, Sheinfeld


The kehilla of Bet Midrash Torani Leumi based in Sheinfeld is comprised of a dynamic group of over 100 families. Members include native Israelis and immigrants from the United States, Canada, and England. Our members, consisting of graduates of Hesder Yeshivot and other higher Torah Education institutions, have come to Bet Shemesh to create a vibrant Torah community. Bet Midrash Torani Leumi offers a unique setting for both adults and children to maintain and expand their commitment to Torah while reaching out to the larger community. Our kehilla was inaugurated on Rosh Hashana 5758, in a small borrowed hall. Bet Midrash Torani Leumi sponsors community-wide shiurim for adults as well as Tefillah and study groups for children.

Ohel Yona Menachem, Sheinfeld


Ohel Yona Menachem (OYM) is one of four main shuls in Bet Shemesh’s Sheinfeld neighborhood attracting large numbers of English speakers.  Yet it is also an environment where both newer and more veteran Israelis feel welcomed.


The shul’s esteemed and beloved rav, Rabbi Meir Lichtenstein (son of Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein z”l and grandson of Rav Soloveichik z”l) speaks fluent English and Hebrew, and the community is around 60 -70% English speaking.  The previous Rav of the shul, Rabbi Spector z”l was a major leader in building the community before he passed away in 2013.


The large, bright and modern shul is directly located next to a park and playground where families gather after davening and includes a large and recently renovated social hall and adjacent bet midrash. The shul offers multiple daily minyanim and shiurim and many other social and communal activities.


Ohel Yona Menachem prides itself on serving as a welcoming and supportive communal shul. Throughout the two decades that it has been open, the shul has become a central part of the aliyah experience for many olim and a place where men, women and children have both a spiritual and communal home. see

Beit Knesset Feigenson, Nofei Aviv


Nofei Aviv is a vibrant, dynamic young community located in Bet Shemesh, Israel where Aliyah dreams come true. The first residents of the neighborhood moved into their homes in the fall of 1996. At that time, we started out davening in people’s homes. As more families moved in (and we outgrew people’s living rooms), we created a large tent-like structure in the middle of the community that functioned as a makeshift shul during good weather. The beautiful shul building that we now occupy was completed in September, 2000. The Nofei Aviv community has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 7 years, and our shul membership has increased to over 150 families. 


The “heart” of our community is the shul, Bet Knesset Feigenson, led by Rabbi Eliezer Schenkolewski. The shul is a melting pot that houses both Ashkenazi and Sephardi minyanim and is attended not only by residents of Nofei Aviv, but by residents of the neighboring apartment buildings as well. Bet Knesset Feigenson offers varied social and education programming including youth activities, adult education lectures, holiday events, regular shiurim, and more.


Beit Knesset Etz Chaim, Givat Savion


Our shul, Congregation Etz Chaim, truly reflects the ingathering of the Diaspora. People from the four corners of the earth belong to our shul, where native Israelis blend with people from North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. This feature makes our community unique in Bet Shemesh, and probably in Israel.


Our friendly congregation is involved in Chesed activities both within the community and with the Bet Shemesh community at large. We contribute with our time and money to small and large charity events, and we are involved in social activism as well.


At Etz Chaim, our members are like family. When someone is in need, the congregation is there to help. When someone celebrates a Simcha, the community celebrates along with him or her. At the same time, our members have privacy, and are given the space to live their personal lives.


Beit Knesset Netzach Menashe, Sheinfeld


Our Bet Knesset started out as “Simchat Eliyahu” almost 20 years ago. The Gross, Levin, Ferdinaro, Gerstenfeld and Farber families rounded up their Sefaradi neighbors in order to make the first Friday night minyan which took place in a back garden.


The kehila is now a varied mixture of Israelis immigrants Ashkenazim and Sephardim holding a wide range of shiurim in different areas & languages not least for our Russian members.


During the year we hold many social & cultural events for adults & a wide range of activities for our youth, all of these are organized & carried out for the community, by the community itself by the various committees.




Kehillat Nofei HaShemesh


Kehillat Nofei HaShemesh is a growing community in Beit Shemesh, lead by HaRav Shalom Rosner. Founded in 2008, the community is constantly expanding. Here is a video about us:


Please feel free to browse the website to find out more about who we are, what we're doing and more.




Kehillat Menorat HaMaor


The Menorat Hamaor Kehilla is a wide cross-section of Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph residents who have established, and are committed to maintaining, an Orthodox congregation, following the Ashkenazi tradition and building a strong sense of community and love of Eretz Yisrael.


We count amongst our members many multi-generation families, meaning that in addition to our core couples and their children, we also have many grandparents (and even great-grandparents) who have come to the area to live close by their families. This gives our shul a strong sense of unity, while also maintaining a wide spectrum of backgrounds and views. This is reflected in our approach to davening, where we maintain and integrate the traditions that our older members brought with them from their countries of origin, while incorporating the knowledge that our younger members gain at their Yeshivot.


The kehilla runs a range of learning programs and activities, including in-depth shiurim and introductory classes. We also organise events designed to encourage interaction between member families.

The Rav of the Shul is Rabbi Danny Myers.

The Shul is located at Rehov Nahal Maor 6, Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph.


Informational video: