Famous English Speaking Olim Living in Bet Shemesh

Lenny Solomon, Shlock Rock

“I moved to Bet Shemesh in 1996.  When I moved there were 25,000 people living here.  Currently there are approximately 100,000.  What I love about Bet Shemesh is the weather, the hills and valleys which make for great exercising and most importantly, the people.  We are a real melting pot here with Jews from Morocco, Russia, Ethiopia, US, Canada, England, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Findland, and that is just in my neighborhood!  It is a fantastic place to live and I recommend it highly!”
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Former Member of Knesset Dov Lipman

“Bet Shemesh provided us with everything we needed to enable our children to adjust to Israel and become Israeli - numerous school options, youth groups, sports activities, music/choir, friends and more.  In addition, it's geographic location enabled me to be flexible in terms of employment and pursuing opportunities throughout the country.”

Lazer Lloyd, Jewish Blues Singer (“The best guitarist in Israel,” The Jerusalem Post)

“I have lived in Bet Shemesh for 17 years. I have lived in three different completely parts of the city; it's my favorite place in Israel - in the world! Many different types of people, beautiful surroundings, very accessible to all of the country-
It is a city of true unity as opposed to what is put into the press which only stresses the very few unfortunate incidences that have nothing to do with the day-to-day reality of what happens in the city.”

Rebbetzin Tap (Kerry Bar-Cohn) – Legendary Jewish Children’s Entertainer

“I love the warm feeling of a small town in Beit Shemesh, yet with so many of the services and opportunities of a larger city. I have made so many meaningful, fulfilling friendships here.”

Jamie Geller, Celebrity Chef

“I love living in Bet Shemesh for so many reasons.  The people first and foremost.  The community is so warm, inviting and friendly.  I love the selection of schools - it's so nice to have so many choices and thankfully we found incredible schools for our children.  I love the parks, I adore the views, and appreciate the community services.  Bet Shemesh is the perfect place for our family and we are so happy to call it home.”


Hillel Fuld, World famous tech blogger

“After living in Beit Shemesh for the better part of the last decade, I can safely say, there is nowhere I would rather live. In fact, anyone that follows me or is connected with me on the social web knows that I love living here so much, that I take a picture of my beautiful Beit Shemesh every single day. Great community, amazing people, and an ideal location for those that work in both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.” 

Rabbi Natan Slifkin (“The Zoo Rabbi;”  Director, The Biblical Museum of Natural History)

Aside from its terrific location, Beit Shemesh has a great range of schools, shuls, stores and services. But most of all, it has so many really wonderful people!

Menachem Herman, Jewish Rock Legend

“I love living in Bet Shemesh because people are friendly here. There is both the feel and convenience of living in a city with all the amenities close by, while at the same time, there is no hussle-bussle feeling of living in a big city. Five minutes from Bet Shemesh there are plenty of forests and trails for picnicking, hiking, personal prayer, calm and relaxation. Located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv makes it a perfect central location so that nothing is ever too far away, work-wise, and after work...I am always happy to come home to...Bet Shemesh!”