Below, please find additional information about various services offered in Bet Shemesh, as contributed by readers. (Feel free to send other ideas through the “Contact Us” link).


As information is sent to us over time, this info will be categorized and developed into something a little more cohesive and orderly.  



A helpful resource for asking public questions on aliyah to Bet Shemesh can be found here.


Beit Shemesh is home to the only full service Hatzala ambulance corps in the country providing emergency first aid and ambulance transport free of charge to the patient.



There are several very active English-speaking social groups and clubs for retirees and other older olim in Bet Shemesh, such as the 55+ Group based at the Matnas Meyerhof (, the group called Olim B'Gil (, which serve as support groups for various Anglo populations and needs.


Bet Shemesh is a major mountain biking hub with more marked trails than anywhere else in the country. see article Also see  - Leadership development for youth through mountain biking.


Modern, shared office space and facilities available: SUBS - Start Up Beit Shemesh


A blog about lots of things to do and see in Bet Shemesh: